The college received Infrastructure Development grants from RashtriyaUchchataraShikshaAayog (RUSA) in the session 2015-16 and 2016-17.

The grant is being utilised for infrastructural development of the college in the following manner:

  1. Several books have been procured for the Central Library as well as Seminar Libraries of all the departments.
  2. E-Resources have been procured from PROQUEST database
  3. E-books have been procured from Oxford Scholarship (Online) for all departments.
  4. E-Journals have been procured from Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd.
  5. New storage facilities have been procured for the college library.
  6. Various IT equipments, including laptops for each department and desktops for the computer lab, and software have been procured for the college.
  7. The college procured modern sports equipment for the students.
  8. The college campus has been made Wi-fi enabled.
  9. The college library has been digitized using bar-coding facilities.
  10. The college procured software for office automation.
  11. A new well equipped computer lab has been set up.
  12. Two existing classrooms have been developed into smart class rooms.
  13. The college is undergoing construction for setting up a new lift.
  14. New modern washrooms are being constructed in each floor.
  15. Work for setting up of a conference room, modernisation of auditorium and staffroom is in process.
  16. CCTV cameras are being set up in all classrooms as well as corridors and stairwells to ensure better campus security.